I am currently building a reinforcement learning team at the PLUS University in Salzburg. The applications range from theoretical aspects - fundamental research - to real world applications in the local industry.
Generally, I am interested in the development and application of robust state-of-the-art AI systems to make good decisions under uncertainties.
My belief is that human and artificial intelligence are complementary and the combination of both is of great benefit to find solutions of our current global problems.

My team focuses besides of different flavours of reinforcement learning on multivariate time series and analytics, Bayesian methods, control theory and physics.

Before I was working at CERN in Geneva for several years, where I also did my : PhD.

Currently, studying artificial intelligence is one of the most interesting topics in the world...

Teachings at the University of Salzburg (PLUS):

  • Special topics in Data Science.
  • Introduction into Deep Reinforcement Learning.
  • Data Science in Precision Medicine.

Current students:

  • Sabrina Pochaba - Data Science PhD: Multi-agent reinforcement learning in D2D communication
  • Reuf Kozlica - Data Science PhD: Hierarchical reinforcement learning in assembly line optimization
  • Lukas Lamminger - Data Science Master: Model based and Meta reinforcement learning in accelerator physics
  • Sascha Schuster - Data Science Master: Reinforcement learning in medicine (DTR of insulin dosing)
    Secondary supervision:
  • Raoul Kutil - Data Science PhD: Knowledge Graphs in medicine
  • Juan Manuel Montoya Bayardo - Data Science PhD: Reinforcement learning in nautical robotics
  • Jakob Uhl - Data Science PhD: Presence perception in XR applications